Why Hiring a Professional Translator?

Why Hiring a Professional Translator?

Posted by Melisa Belen Lopez, English <> Spanish Translator

There is a lack of knowledge about what translators do or who we are. In this sense, I share with you some of the main reasons why you should hire a professional translator to help you reach your international audience:


1.     Not everyone who knows two languages can be a translator:

It is a common mistake to think that because you speak two different languages you can translate. Professional translators have to undergo years of training in grammar, cultural subjects, and linguistic matters to help them understand the target audience, the intended purpose, the main difficulties or considerations with the specific market, among others.


2.     Machine translation has not been fully developed yet:

Although many people believe they can do their translations with machine translation tools such as Google Translate or Deepl, truth to be told, the translations provided by these tools are not perfect. These tools are built with suggestions of speakers about the usage of the words. However, they tend to be too literal and the message the writer intends to share is generally lost.


Passion for languages and for helping people around the world needs to be present

in every project we carry out.

3.     Attention is given to cultural details:

When we translate, we bear in mind the different nuances of the meanings of certain words depending on who is our target audience. It is not the same to translate a text to target Spanish speakers from Peru than from Mexico or Argentina, and the other way round with English variants.


4.     Specialisation in certain fields or niches:

Specialisation in translation is essential. When we specialise, we become experts in the topic and we can provide more accurate translations less prone to mistakes.


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